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Rites of Passage

During the last  few years, Queen Aminah has been at the forefront of  organizing  an awesome Black History Presentation  and working with many schools, churches, and organizations throughout  Inglewood and the greater  Los Angeles area.   An outgrowth of the Black History Presentation inspired her to develop the  Rites of Passage Gift Program for young girl’s ages 10-19 years old .



Since the dawn of man’s history, Rites Of Passage has been interwoven in the culture of indigenous families, particularly in African communities.  After over 400 years in America, we have been disconnected from a tradition that prepared our youth to handle the challenges of adulthood.  Rites of Passage is a missing element in African-American communities. The end result is that we see and experience the negative consequences of a generation of youth that lack self knowledge.

Self-knowledge will equip them with the tools   they will need to break the cycle of illiteracy, teen pregnancy and drug abuse.   

Rites of Passage is necessary because it will give our youth an opportunity to discover a deeper knowledge of themselves.  Also, it gives right guidance and a phenomenal experience that propels them on a path of self-knowledge and self- awakening!


Our mission is to impact and influence the lives of young women who have been adversely affected by illiteracy, teen pregnancy, drug abuse, gang violence, and other social problems.

Our primary focus is to affect a positive change in the lives of young women, ages 10-19 years of age.

Our program is designed to establish an educational environment and Mentorship Program that will foster  self-development.


CULTURAL the cultural aim of the Rites of Passage GIFT Program is to teach young women about their culture.

HISTORICAL-The historical aim of the Rites of Passage GIFT Program is to teach each student a historical view that establishes positive self worth.  

ECONOMICAL—the economical aim of the Rites of Passage GIFT Program is to teach young women to identify their gifts and talents.   It will involve cultivating them to eventually earn money for themselves.

PRACTICAL –The practical aim of the Rites of Passage GIFT Program is to give young women   hands-on tools that can be used every day in their lives.


Fashion Shows

Queen Aminah's Clothing is available for Fashion Shows. Please contact us to request a showing of our custom and/or imported designs.

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