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About us

In the 1970’s Queen Aminah and her twin sister, Denice, were among the first blacks to own a boutique, La D'ecouvert which means The Discovery, in Beverly Hills from 1976 - 1981. They manufactured and sold mini-skirts utilizing the skills and talents of local fashion students. The two enterprising sisters, originally from Detroit, were featured in several publications including The Contributions of Black Women to America and Black Enterprise Magazine. But in 1980 Sis. Aminah heard the Hon. Minister Louis Farrakhan for the first time. During his lecture he told the women to cover and she immediately complied. For several years, Sis Aminah traveled with the wife of The Most Hon. Elijah Muhammad, renowned scholar, musician, designer and so much more, Mother Tynetta Muhammad. It was Mother Tynetta who always encouraged her to design a line of her own. These experiences coupled with the inspiration from the teachings of the Most Hon. Elijah Muhammad to become manufactures, a desire to be obedient to his guidance and a love for fashion and culture has continued to fuel Sis. Aminah’s drive to provide beautiful garments not just for women but for the entire family.

In addition to being a savvy business woman, QUEEN AMINAH aka Aminah Muhammad is a wife, mother, entrepreneur, Black History Program Coordinator and Rites of Passage Program Developer. Mostly, she is a concerned community activist always on the move. (For more information on The Rites of Passage Program please visit our  Other Services page.)

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